Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where is Mr. and Mrs. Right

Looking for someone to have a relationship for life is normally not an easy task. People have made various mistakes as they try to get the right partners of their life. However, the decision to get married at times becomes irreversible. People normally start to notice problems and the reality of what they have got themselves into far much later in the relationship. Most of the times this happens when the children have come into the family and possibility of separation becomes remote.

People choose there partners for various reasons but some of these reasons are regrettable. We know of ladies who had turned many relationships down for trivial reasons. Such ladies had laid down a yardstick for what they will go for and they are not willing to compromise this. We all know ladies that have stated key economic parameters that they are looking for and that the man of their dream must have. This is where the big problem starts.

Well it is good to have an economically stable partner but I don’t think that is all we should look for. Life is not made of money and goodies alone. Money can obviously not buy every thing as one man once said “money can buy a good bed but not sleep”.

My point is that Mr. Right is not clothed with economic strength but a genuine love for you. How many of us entered into marriages or intend to go into it driven by love and not economic status of the partners. How many have pretended to love in order to encroach in to their partner’s empire of wealth.

I strongly believe that money on its own cannot sustain a relationship. It must be blended by a strong love. If you are in it because of money you will leave it because of the same.

We have seen friends that have decided to remain single as they wait for Mr. and Mrs. Right. However, the attribute of such a person in most cases is sited to be a rich man, stable employment, financial stability, independent, good profession, adequate investment etc. These are what some of our ladies and gentlemen look in partners to be.
I want say that men make money but money don’t make men. Hope you agree to that?

That is were we have all got it wrong.

Think twice as you look for Mr. or Mrs. Right.


Grace Nyawira-Kariobangi said...

Sue you have today hit the nail on the head. This is the real problem with us ladies looking for Mr. Right.

can you believe that I friend of mine who had once divorced was carried away in fake wealth, Kumbe the man was a loffer.........he had loans all over and wanted to con my friend in surrendering her car log book for another loan to enable him get another loan to clear the first loan.

But I petty my friend, she saw the wealth (acquire through loans) and got into the trap. Luckly she realised the true colours of this man before she could give out the log book. The man had dozens of women, a real womaniser but he had a sweet lip.

He live like rich and balled women in his palm but he was a poor thing.

Take care you lady who is looking for the rich Mr. Right. Yes look for Mr. right but he is not in richer.



Kenyanomics said...

People should look beyond the wallet before they accept the ring.

Last week's Saturday Nation had a provocative piece on "What Kenyan Men Want in a Woman." Check it out @ Kenyanomics.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree. I cannot accept a cheap poor man simply because he loves me. People dont eat love. Money is power to hell with the sweetless moneyless marriages.

He has to be right and right in everything. Marry a junk jobless thing in the name of love and you will discover the difference.

I will wait. Period.

Sue said...

I agree with Kenyanomics that we should look beyond the wallet, but at least a man should be able to have some income to provide for his family.

Most couples that fell in love before looking at the wallet live a peaceful life compared to those that made their decisions based on the amount in the wallet.

I know of a lady who after getting a proposal from a man, informed her mother. The mother came all the way from upcountry to see the man's pay slip. The man willingly revealed what he earns but did not show his pay slip.

The mother-in-law to be was not pleased and advised the daughter to stop the relationship.

The girl continued with her search for a man with a better pay slip, many years passed until she realized the man with a fat wallet was not forthcoming.

To cut the story short, the girl ended up getting married to a man without a pay slip. For nearly two years she took care of all the bills until the man got a job.

My appeal to unmarried ladies, look for love first before its too late.

Guada said...

Trying to get a lifetime partner is a challenge in our society in this day and age.
Money has instead been used as a yardstick to judge, yet it has caused a lot
of pain and anguish to many relationships.

Having said that other factors to be considered are whether you really love the person, are you compatible, and the rest through combined effort can be achieved.

Remember “money can build a house but not a home”