Monday, September 24, 2007

Political violence in Kisii

I had talked about Political attacks earlier this month and said this could just be the beginning as we are nearing elections.

However when I watched news with Mr. Nyachae taking a guard of honor comprising of men with pangas, bows and arrows, I thought this could be in his homestead and not a public meeting where he was to preside over a fundraising.

You would think he was preparing for war against some wild animals coming to attack villagers. I only came to realize the animals he was preparing to protect himself from are very innocent human beings. Whose only sin was to arrive in a chopper at the fundraising he was to preside over.

These harmless people were non-other than Mr. William Ruto, Mr. Omingo Magara and Mr. Chris Bichage. May be the only weapon they came with was their political mouth, which could not harm an ant.

Nyachae must have heard rumors that they would gate crash the meeting or they would be coming in a group, his warriors would not be armed like this.

Those supporting Mr. Nyachae’s gang say it was wrong for Mr. Ruto, Mr. Magara and Mr. Chris Bichage to gate crash this fundraising. I do not agree with that because it was a public meeting and not a special invitation function where one needed a card to enter. Furthermore it was not in an enclosed hall. People do not gate crush in public harambees (fundraising meetings), weddings, political rallies etc… where one is not required to show an invitation card at the entrance. Needless to emphasize more people are normally required in such function and the higher the attendance the more successful the occasion will be.

I have seen opposition politicians attending funerals and functions where the President is also attending or invited, but I have not seen such ugly incident like what happened in the “not-for-all” function of Mr. Nyachae.

The worst part was when he stood up to support what his warriors had done, talking tough sweating and swearing using such words like, wasifikiru watakuja kutukojolea hapa, sisi pia tukona vijana (let them not think they can come to urinate on us here, we also have young men), tutawakanyaga (we will step on them).

It was also sad to note that all this happened in full view of senior police officers and the government authorities that were present. They did not arrest these youth who were armed with very crude weapons or their MP (Mr.Nyachae).

This was such a shameful act from someone I would call a veteran politician who should be a good example to young politicians. Kenyans have tolerated Old politicians and treated them with respect for years but if this is the legacy they want to leave behind, they better call it quit.

Do you also remember that Nyachae had at one time vied for presidency of this country? Mwana wa Nyandusi, would you want to be a president after this incident? I hope your answer is No (anyway hes reached political menopause). The behavior of Mr.Nyachae (I deliberately prefer not to address him as honorable because he didn’t behave like one) reflect badly on the government and political party that he services.

I think the best thing that Nyachae should do to in order to salvage his public image is to swallow his pride and apologize to Kenyans and the opposition politicians involved.

This incident woke up University students who have not demonstrated for political reasons for a long time, they have vowed to continue with their demos for a better Kenya, despite some of them being arrested by the police.

Let Kenyans shun violence and violent politicians. My prayer is this does not happen again in Kenya and that we will have peaceful elections.


Anonymous said...

Sue, I have read Nyachae's record as a public servant since his days as a PC in Central Province, to a powerfull PS of the Civil Service to Moi's Cabinet minister and now as FORD-P Chairman. It is a history full of misuse of power, unwarranted decrees and a lot of arrogance and chest thumping.

It is sad as it is unfortunate as it is embarrassing that in this day and time, such a regrettable an incident of leaders being violently attacked could be allowed to occur in a multi-party democracy like Kenya.

This is the same individual who unsuccessfully tried to topple the NARC dream in 2002. He is also the same one who single handedly consigned, in my opinion, the best public servant this country has ever produced - Mr. Joseph Kaguthi, to early retirement because he disagreed with Kaguthi, then Nyanza PC on matters touching on the itinerary of President Moi. Between you and me, I have to say Kaguthi has outdone Nyachae and many other public servants in his services to this country and deserves a medal for his efforts.

I am therefore not surprised by the neanderthal behavior of Nyachae - risking the lives of political rivals because they are a threat to his community chieftaincy. I am glad that he has at least received presidential rebuke without being named and without being sacked - a punishment which I think is child's play going by the severity of his crime.

Phil said...

Thats Phil not anon.

Sue said...

Phil thanks for your comment. I can only say that Kenyan's where very wise not to elect him in 2002, I imagine how he would have handled opposition as a powerful President.

Condemnation of such acts by powerful politicians without lawful action being taken will not stop violence.

Duncan Otwori said...

lets forget the past & focus on 2012.Nyachae is too old & should be forgiven,anybody can err, so people cant we try Bichage for Nyaribari chache??????????