Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Religion and Politics

Church, Christianity and religion seem to be playing a big part in this year’s elections. Many Church leaders like Pius Muiru, Margaret Wanjiru, Kamlesh Pattni (also known as Paul) and Mutava Musyimi etc… have expressed their interest in joining politics.

ODM-K presidential candidate Kalonzo Musyoka has severally associated himself with Christians and is said to be a born again Christian. He also believes that he is the chosen one of God to lead this nation.

ODM presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, has been attending Church services where church leaders surround him in prayers to bless his presidential candidature. Like on Sunday he attended a service in Kericho before an ODM rally. Priests laid hands on him and his running mate Musalia Mudavadi to bless them.

President Kibaki known of not so famous in attending church every Sunday like the former president Moi, lately seems to have changed too. He is nowadays a regular church attendant.

Kamlesh Pattni was in Marakwet with Linah Kilimo where they attended a fundraiser in Aid of African Inland Church.

In yesterday’s Standard newspaper,I was shocked to see former “Total Man” Nicholas Biwott receiving blessings from American preachers who will fund multi-million water project in Kerio Valley. One thing though, he did not close his eyes when others did. That is not Christian like total man but I know next time you will close your eyes.

What I ask myself is the role of Christianity in politics? Why renowned men and women of God now want to take up a new occupation in politics? What is so good in politics that they missed in the church leadership?

Then my next question is why are our politicians who had earlier been irregular churchmen now turning to God? Have they seen God’s strength as what they need now or could it be to hoodwink the electorate? Do they really mean what they are doing or they are out to hunt for more votes in the churches? There must be a reason why they all are now visiting churches and that reason if you ask me is for personal gain not spiritual ratification, though this may be part of it for the few of them?

Pulpit to politics, priests, pastors why are you going this direction? I think a political constituency is bigger than a church congregation and you are looking for more followers. I don’t intend to judge anyone but I seek to know. What is politics to do with religion?

Lastly I want to say that God at His own appointed time will give us (Kenya) his chosen leader. Not by the number of hands that the earthly men has placed on you or the increased visitation to the holy shrines that you have made of late, but because God knows who is the next president of this country.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...


In twist of 'fate', my opinion has been now been barred from Kumekucha. But I'm pleasantly surprised to see that you share not only readers/commentators but also content, word for word between your blog, Kumekucha and
If MB doesn't visit your blog, you will not be hearing my unshakable opinion on her and what she stands for (in MY opinion). Hopefully, that will encourage you to keep your forum open my point of view, unlike Kumekucha which from now henceforth will be the reserve of ODM supporters. I think openness to different but (mostly) constructive points of view is a large constituent of the notion of democracy. There will be no hard feelings from me if you take the Kumekucha route and handpick your commentators. In the end, Kenyans decide. Like I said before, I care about free and fair elections, and Kenya's fourth president will be my president, with all due respect.

On your post today. 'Chris' might prevent my comment from reaching the public domain, but it is as follows; I think turning to God and going to Church, as our politicians are doing, are two very different things. To me, Church is a place of fellowship mostly among the members, its almost like a socializing agent that gives you a social class, like school.

The Christian God, on the other hand, not only wants to ensure our souls get to heaven, but really cares about how we live among ourselves. its difficult to relate with him and not your fellow human beings. He even doesn't appear (to me at least) to support what our now Church-going leaders have done and are doing to Kenyans. He seems to be all about loving Him with all you are and have, and loving your neighbour as yourself. From the little I know about Islam, Allah seems to take a pretty hard stance against oppressing your neighbour (at least fellow Muslims) and taking interests, which I guess amounts to exploitation.

Back to Church and politics; smart as they are, our politicians know that majority of Kenyans are Christian, like 80% or so. They are the unmistakable. To get their vote, why not try to look like you are one of them?

I'm done preaching, here is a question: does anyone think that associating with Church, not tribe, is a better avenue to votes?

Maurice said...

Hi proud kikuyu. I tend to differ with what you are trying to portray in paragraph one of your comment.I think Sue blog is a bit balance than the other two you are trying to compare them with.However, that is your observation and I respect them.

Surely people will decide.We are just supporters of different opinions but I strongly agree with you that at the end of it all people will decide.

Back to church and politics.Yes there are many votes in the church and a good campaigner should ideally go there.Not to pray but to look for votes.

We dont expect much changes from our leaders if they go to church.They are likely to remain the same.

I personaly i would like kenyans fight in words as they support their candidate but THEY SHOULD NOT FIGHT PHYSICALLY.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

My comments have now appeared on Kumekucha. Further, I have been invited to make contributions as it is now a private blog.

I can only hope its not a bait, you know, that this is not some dressing meant to make the blog look as balanced as possible, while hiding the wound caused by handpicking contributors. I'm weighing my options, but waiting to see who else is 'different' but on board. Tutaona.

Sue said...

PKW,Kumekucha blog decision to allow others readers to post articles there is his choice. I was also suprised. My blog is mainly on issues affecting the family and I will not mind if others like MB dont visit you notice I dont comment on her issues am not interested in such issues.

As much as I like reading kumekucha, I dont have to do things his way.

Please try to comment on my post without refering to Kumekucha blog and being a Luo doesnt mean am I post in or a regular reader.

I support an open forum and comments from everyone on my posts but not abusive and biased comments.

Thanks for visiting.

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Anonymous said...

Religion and politics in some what way begets ethnocentrism which then becomes a major problem such as people calling themselves "PROUD KIKUYU WOMAN" I have nothing against this person but... really?