Friday, September 28, 2007

When he forgets my birthday does he really love me?

It was yesterday the 27th September the day when I was born. It is an important day for me that I always remember. I celebrate it and love it. I just can’t miss it because it is the day that I stepped on this planet earth.

Birthdays are good and quite a number of people celebrate birthdays but not all do that. Those who have chosen to skip or ignore this day are also normal people like you and me who celebrate the day. However, for one reason or the other the day passes without them knowing. With this habit in them they forget the birthdays of their beloved ones until the owner of the birthday reminds them. This is a common mindset in most men in that they forget the birthdays of their children, parents and even wives. Cases of mistrust and doubtful love have been the outcome of this in some extreme cases.

There are ladies that are so obsessed with celebrating their birthday that if her man forgets it becomes a punishable issue and the punishment can be very bitter. There are also some men who are carried away by the same. Men and women have used lack of participation of their partners in their birthdays as a justification for separation.

What is just there in the celebration of a birthday? If your man or woman forgets your birthday is it an indication of the lower level of love? Are well-celebrated birthdays indicates improved love?

Birthdays may not be traced in the African cultures. There were celebrations when a child is born but such celebrations were not repeated later in life. That is why many old Africans are unable to recall when they were born unless they estimate the period with certain events.

Times have changed very much and a lot of issues are passing in our lives and minds. Can we drop the celebration? How can we explain to our loved ones that we still love them and keep on forgetting their birthdays?

I am at a loss!


pilato said...

Its normal for your man to forget your Bday although it comes with its consequences...imagine this year i forgot my big day till my ex called from 5000 miles away to remind..hers is sometime next month but cant recall the date..goosh!

Phil said...

Happy birthday sue. And what a coicidence because my wife also celebrated hers jana, and guess what? I had completely forgot about it. Had to drive out to village market to get a quick present and a bottle of wine. Its just that the pressures of life make us forget anniversaries. I agree with Pilato - it is normal to forget (and I mean normal).

Sue said...

Thanks Pilato and Phil, what a coincident that I sharing the same date as your wife. Happy birthday to her. Actually its true men forget, in fact it was my husband’s idea to post this to get comments from other men to prove that it’s actually normal to forget.

Princess said...

Happy Belated B'day!!!

Ssembonge said...

I'd attribute it to our culture. ordinarily, we don't place a lot of emphasis on birthdays.

I've been guilty of forgetting my siblings birthday but I'd attribute it to geographical separation.

Would I forget my family's birthdays? Not when they are living with me in the same roof! May be after the kids move out I may forget.

Happy belated bday. Don't take it too personal when people forget your birthday.

Ssembonge said...
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Sue said...

Thanks Ssembonge and Princess. I agree it is about our culture. The other thing is geographical separation. When a spouse is working or traveling out of the country/town. He will be preoccupied with worrying about the family he’s left behind and not small things like birthdays