Friday, September 14, 2007

What do the rains have to do with Nairobi jam?

It took me 3 hours to get home yesterday from Industrial area, a journey that can take me 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the route I take.

With a colleague we decided to go round Likoni road, Jogoo Road, to town then Valley Road to Ngong road because Enterprise road we normally use to Nyayo Stadium was terrible and from previous experience we thought the other route would be better.

We reached Landies road when it was already dark, many people where walking to Jogoo Road to catch Matatus (public transport). After passing the City center the other side of town was ok. Enterprise Road has become a nightmare making getting to work and out of Industrial area a major problem that should be sorted out as soon as possible.

The other problem with the rains is pedentrians sometimes walk on the road because the side walks get maddy.

When will this nightmare end?


Anonymous said...

I think our Nairobi city council and the current government is absolutely incapable of handling the growing number of people and vehicles in Nairobi.

We should be having many highways and flyovers by now but this this is promised and never happening.

Rain of course brings jam as everybody run to go home fearing that it may turn to elnino that we are not prepared for.

But the planning of the current regeme makes me sick.

Kenyanomics said...

I agree with Anonymous. Population of both people and motor vehicles has been increasing for decades, but road network has not. The hundreds of rounderabouts slows motor traffic, too.

The Solution--We need to expand major highways into three or four lanes and build many more roads interconnecting different corners of the city, which would reduce traffic through downtown Nairobi. It makes little sense for people traveling from Karen (South West) to Runda (North West) to go through city center. The same applies to people traveling from Ruai (in NE) to, say, Thika on Northern side. A centrifugal network like that will always be a menace for Nairobians.

Relocating government offices, as claimed by architects, is not solution to Nairobi problems. Dar and Lagos have not changed despite relocation of their nations' seats of power.

Great blog.

acolyte said...

"Jogoo Road,"
That there was your mistake, at this rate of governance I dont see any changes coming soon.....

Ssembonge said...

I have one word for all of Nairobi's problems. Infrastructure. Unfortunately the govt abdicated its role.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments and complement from Kenyanomics.

Acolyte Jogoo road to town in the evening is normally better compared to enterprise road. That is why I took that option.

I hope infrastructure is the next government’s priority.