Monday, October 1, 2007

Can politics be said this other way?

I applaud the move by Nation Media Group’s introduction of another daily newspaper, Daily Metro (The paper that brings news to life). It is colorful with big headlines; I can say it is a comparison to Nairobi Star but of better content and cheaper.

Nation media group are experts in this field and more experienced, hence know how to introduce a new product in the market, considering consumers interests and competition factor. The paper only costs 20/- because it has lesser contents compared to their normal daily (The Nation) newspaper. I think they realize that there is no need of starting a newspaper with flashy headlines but very little contents and charge the same as other normal dailies that have a lot of contents.

Today’s Daily Metro headlines caught my attention, it was about Girl Power. I thought it was about women issues and not politics. By the way I did not know it was by Nation Media group at first because; I had missed the launch if there was one. I also thought it doesn’t look like gutter press and could be an interesting change from too much politics we have been digesting. The top story in the issue was about two ladies connected to politicians dictating the political debate in Kenya. The daughter of the current President, Judy Kibaki and ODM Presidential aspirant’s daughter, Rosemary Odinga. That is a moderate way of politicking.

I urge Kenyans to promote this good idea and read the paper which is more affordable.


Ssembonge said...

Kenyans love politics too much. Yet we can't vote for responsible leadership.

Sue said...

True Ssembonge we love too much politics but its part of our life and shapes our life so we have no choice but to politicize everything, especially now when we are going to elections.