Friday, October 5, 2007

Threatening Relationships

There are certain relationships that we get involved in or we are cultivating that are harmful to our family institutions and peaceful living:

Young men of late are looking for older women for “love”. In real sense they are looking for money. The trend before was for young girls (ndogo ndogo) going for older men (sugar daddies) for love, marriage and money. But this is now changing and it is the younger men going for the older women. This trend has left many young girls desperate for partners as men of their age mismatch with the older women most of them being widows, divorced, and single etc. I would not like to mention names for now but we have read of these cases. When you analysed the motive of these relationships it is clearly not love and by the end of it the life of a member of a family is ruined.

On the other hand there are some married women whose husbands are in relationship with younger girls. Some women will not just sit and watch, they revenge by getting into relationship with other men. The expected results of these are all known to us; diseases, fights, unwanted children etc. This may be rated as the most dangerous unmatched relationship in a family because both partners are exposed and are out there outdoing one another in search of the problems that I have mentioned above. If the man does not bring the sickness the woman will bring it to the family. That is the bitter truth.

Still there is another one of married men opting for relationships with married women because they feel there will be no strings attached. These men want extra marital relationship but not with a single woman or girl who will demand marriage, financial assistance such as rent, clothes and entertainment. This case is equally dangerous because two families of two wives and two husbands are involved. If transmittable sickness and death (God forbid) crops in there are chances that four adults will be victims. There is a lot happening but I can't say it all, I can only conclude that we are faced with dangerous relationships.


Shamemanners said...

We are living in an era of HIV/AIDS please let us be faithful to our partners.

I kasigunga says" Kuyanyahanga is sawa" what do u say.

mogiyusuf said...

lol its very sad