Monday, October 29, 2007

I look forward to the time when there will be no more ethnic clashes in Kenya?

Tribal clashes are common in Kenya and get worse during elections. Just recently there were clashes in Sondu area after politicians where attacked in Kisii, earlier in the year clashes erupted in Mt. Elgon, the problem has not settled to date.

Some years back there were clashes in Molo District, which got many families displaced, some have never returned to their homes. After sometime peace returned and for some years it has been peaceful. Suddenly the clashes in Molo District erupted again last week, residents moved with their families to churches and other safer areas.

During the clashes people’s houses and crops get burnt, some loose their lives in the fights. Causing a lot of suffering in the family, after working so hard to build a home and settling a family. Children’s education is interrupted when they have to move and cannot attend school. Those doing exams may not perform well under such conditions, like now KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination) is on and then next month KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) will be on for a week.

These clashes are more prevalent during elections, like now. That is why there were clashes in Sondu and now Molo. Clashes are believed to come about because of land issues and in most cases are instigated by politicians to scare people who may have bought land in areas perceived to belong to other communities traditionally. Otherwise these communities normally live together peacefully if politicians don’t interfere in their peace. So politicians should stop this suffering of innocent Kenyans.

That is why people want change because the government with all the resources is not doing enough, church leaders and other organizations who should be speaking out against this are all busy talking about political issues.

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Phil said...

It is an open secret that ethnic clashes in Kenya are politically instigated. It is an extreme disgrace in this day and generation that hapless villagers and poor slum dwellers are terrorized each night as government offficials organise security for campaign rallies. The police commissioner is silent on this matter as is the minister in charge of security. The number of mass funerals and that of internally displaced persons (IDPs) increases each time there is a general election round the corner.

Security is a responsibility of the government of the day. Any political party aspiring to rule this country must make a priority of fighting corruption which is the main accellarator of poverty and inequality, which in turn breed resentment and conflict.

The political parties must also irrevocably pledge to decentralise executive power so as to reduce the cut throat competition for political power among ethnic groups in Kenya.

Here is an interesting links on the subject;

Rozie said...

The government and its supporters claim that Majimbo will cause chaos and divide people in tribal lines, so I ask what caused chaos before Majimbo? Haven’t we had ethnic clashes since Nyayo error even without majimbo? Let them not cheat Kenyans by using propaganda about majimbo to confuse voters. Those claiming majimbo will divide Kenyans are the ones inciting their supporters to attack their opponents like the cases of ODM being attacked in Meru and Kisii.

People should not vote for leaders who instigate ethnic clashes.

Anonymous said...

Rozie you are right about chaos being there even before majimbo. What I can say is the issue of majimbo is really confusing to me and many other Kenyans. ODM should give enlighten Kenyans on majimbo (especially those who are illiterate) so that it is not used as propaganda to confuse voters.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments. Lets hope something will be done to reduce clashes and chaos as we are nearing elections. I also hope majimbo issue will be clarified so that its not used as propaganda because just as you say chaos and animosity have been there yet we have never had a majimbo govt. May be this majimbo is what will bring the real change Kenyans want.