Thursday, October 4, 2007

Political dilemma

Mrs.Charity Ngilu is one of the best women politicians in Kenya; she has been in the forefront of fighting for democracy in Kenya and was part of the team that removed Kanu from power after 24 years. She is regarded as a role model for upcoming women politicians in Kenya being the first woman presidential candidate in Kenyan history.

She is the Chairperson of Narc the party that removed Kanu from power in 2002 and refused to give it up to Dr. Noah Wekesa’s group, who wanted to take it from her, revive it probably to be used by the president again. It was said she is walking around with Narc in her handbag, they gave up decided to leave it with her and moved on to PNU.

Mama Rainbow, may be she should now be referred to as Mama Machungwa (orange), has openly supported ODM presidential candidate Mr. Raila Odinga and urged people to vote for Mr. Raila, she has tried to convince ODM-K presidential candidate Mr. Kalonzo to mend ways with Raila but it is not working.

Her defection to ODM to join Mr. Raila Odinga has been anticipated but it seems not forthcoming. I think its because of the dilemma she is in, being an MP from her home constituency in Eastern Province which is Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka’s strong hold, she has no choice but to support ODM-K to capture her seat back. Her people will hear nothing about Mr. Raila Odinga being better than their son Mr. Kalonzo Musyoka.

The political alignments and tribalism have put people like Mrs. Charity Ngilu with no option but so support people they do not want. On the other hand there is still time for her to make a choice. I read in the news this week that she has been promised a top post by ODM. She may decide to join ODM but will loose her MP seat to an opponent of ODM-K. Alternatively she can defect, loose her seat but get nominated by ODM next year.

What are the chances of Charity Ngilu defecting to ODM?


Phil said...

There's every chance she has already defected to ODM, if information emanating from orange house is anything to go by. She has already picked up nomination forms by proxy. Besides, team captain himself said - atapewa namba.

Once the corruption bombshells start dropping on PNU, she will safely be in the ODM bunker.

Just to add, Ngilu was moulded into presidential material by Prof. Apollo Njonjo and Prof. P. Ayang Nyongo in SDP. That was way back in 1996/97. Unfortunately, she has only herself to blame because on the basis of her experience, she ought to be the one heading a third force - and not that turncoat weakling that we all know about. She also retreated to her tribal enclave after the referendum and now only ODM can make her rise from the ashes!!!

3N said...

“Mrs.Charity Ngilu is one of the best women politicians in Kenya”
If the above statement is true then she should not be afraid to contest her parliamentary seat on Raila’s party. Ngilu made a political error by not allowing Kibaki to vie for the presidency using Narc.

What she holds in her handbag is a useless Narc chair and a political lifeline that might only be saved by supporting Kalonzo or hoping ODM will nominate her for parliament.
She has no meaningful votes to offer Raila since Kalonzo is far above everyone else in Eastern province. What she must do and quicky is declare her stand (whether with ODM or ODM-K) and concentrate on her parliamentary re-election.

Anonymous said...

there is nothing special about ngilu except that she wears a skirt. actually u were right - the best politician. im not sure if that is a complement either

mogiyusuf said...

Ngilu is a spent force