Thursday, October 4, 2007

Political promises and betrayals

Political parties are currently working in groups. You bring your small party and I bring mine. You can no longer win it all alone in Kenyan politics. The coming together of these parties has promises; some are as empty as the original NARC’s MOU that haunts the current regime to date. I have not read the much talked about MOU but I know it was full of promises that turned out to be betrayals.

The regrouping under the current campaigns is also full of promises. Politicians are good at both promises and betrayal. The most crowded group is the PNU (Narc K, Shirikisho, Ford People, old Ford Kenya, new Ford Kenya, DP and TIP). It has many people that have been promised things here and there and we expect as many betrayals as the promises.

Why are Kenyans convinced by politicians’ empty promises yet we know they are excellent in breaking them?

Let us be wise in these elections.

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