Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Charity Ngilu joins the Pentagon

I watched with interest ODMs big gathering of women aspirants for Parliamentary, Civic seats and women supporters dubbed Orange Women Democrats Convention at Kasarani Sports Center.

ODM presidential candidate Mr. Raila Odinga talked about his vision for women and about issues affecting women like violence against women aspirants, he said men who attack women should be disqualified, he also said sanitary pad will be given free to girls. He also announced that ODM government will allow women to inherit land, this is one issue that does not go down well with some men, because traditionally its men who have inherited land.

He also announced that he has admitted former Health Minister Charity Ngilu in the Pentagon the top governing body of ODM. This has been anticipated by many and I thought when she joins the pentagon it will be changed to Hexagon. However he maintained that the name pentagon that many people are now familiar with people would not be changed.

With Mrs. Charity Ngilu joining the Pentagon, ODM team is now in high gear on the road to elections.

Political attacks on women aspirants

Woman aspirant,Orie Rogo for Kasarani

Woman aspirant Bishop Wanjiru for Starehe


Rozie said...

It was a good idea meeting women supporters and aspirants, I know other presidential candidates will copy. But you what Sue, when I hear or see such meetings, I wonder who this supporters are and how they get invited, because I would be interested to attend such meetings. Unless they are followers of aspirants.

Congrats to Ngilu for joining the pentagon, I know she cannot bring in a lot for votes form ukambani because of Kalonzo euphoria there but at least she has support from women countrywide.

Sue said...

Rozie from what I heard in the news, this women comprised of aspirants. The rest were ODM women supporters, they could be registered ODM members. Many supporters would love to attend such meetings but we are so many unless its held at Uhuru park.