Monday, October 22, 2007

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru for Starehe parliamentary seat

There are many women aspirants in this year’s elections than before. It is good that women are ready to fight it out with men to get posts in parliament and not wait for free seats.

One interesting aspirant in this election is Bishop (Dr) Margaret Wanjiru who will vie for Starehe parliamentary seat under ODM ticket. She has not had it easy because of a court battle with a Mr. Kamangu who came up to claim he is her husband, when she announced that she is getting married and will also vie for a parliamentary seat. It is believed her opponents have funded the court case to stop her marriage to frustrate her because of the timing. The issue annoyed her to the point of using abusive words on the pulpit to describe the man. This did not go down well with many Kenyans, however I can only imagine many women doing the same if a man comes out to claim that he owns a woman and her children after many years of not providing for them, although I agree that Pulpit was not the right place. This has not discouraged her to go on with her bid to be an MP.

Just like her, many other religious leaders have shown interest in this elections like I mentioned on a previous post. Many Kenyans including me have wondered why religious leaders have decided to enter into politics at this time. So I decided to check on Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s web site for more information on what inspired her.

I got something interesting from her Church JIAM (Jesus is alive ministries) website.

“Following a prophecy by a visiting US preacher, Prophetess Brenda Todd, Bishop Wanjiru announced the decision to plunge into the political arena to thousands of church members who thronged the church auditorium along Haile Sellassie Avenue, Nairobi. The announcement was met with loud shouts of applause from the congregation.

“The Bible says that when a nation was about to be destroyed because of the malice and wickedness of Haman, Esther was already in place and prepared for the task of redeeming the situation,” commented Prophetess Brenda. She proceeded to remind the Bishop that she has been prodded from time to time to take the challenge but declined.”Read more

She also has her personal website where she says "It is now official. Bishop (Dr) Margaret Wanjiru, founder and presiding Bishop of Jesus Is Alive Ministries (JIAM), will run for the Starehe parliamentary seat in the next general elections scheduled for 2007.
Indeed, my decision to vie for the Starehe Constituency parliamentary seat has caught many by surprise, judging by the varied responses I have received from you the voter.

I invite you to read through this website and hopefully it will help you understand why I, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ have made the decision to plunge into politics, a domain where the church leadership in Kenya has in the past shied away. Read more about her vision for Starehe constituency

I wish her all the best in her bid to be Starehe MP.


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

I guess everyone has a democratic right to be elected, and she should by all means practice that right. However,Sue, I think you are trying to excuse her abusive language. Pulpit or not, that is no way of even pagans to talk about other people, ex-husbands or not. Like, 'let him go hang we will conduct a funeral'? Everyone has issues how you address them is what matters.
Oh, well, good luck to Bishop (DR????) Margaret Wanjiru. I won't be voting, but I'm sure the people in the constituency she has her eyes on will exercise their right to the kind of MP they deserve.

Anonymous said...

I wish church leaders would just concentrate on doing what they were called to do in the church rather than splitting their time between preaching the Word and engaging in politics.

Anonymous said...

I wish Wanjiru (I think she has backsliden) can hold on her calling to support the leaders, just like Moses needed his arms held up for victory. Many of us here in the US feels that she has left her calling, of course, because of money and fame. Which one is she going to do now? Attend to ministry meetings and outreach or parliament ? She should be supporting the country now with prayers, but she's busy opposing it? GOD IS NOT AN AUTHOR OF CONFUSION WANJIRU !!!!!! God cannot send women and children to the strrets to demonstrate against the government ! You should be helping the catholic fathers in Eldoret feed the displaced multitude. You should be on a FAST big time ! You have let the church of God down.

Anonymous said...

BishopWanjuri, bravo, go for it girl!

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