Monday, October 8, 2007

Some images from the just concluded Nairobi Show

This stand at the show caught my attention more than others, it was my first time to see these structures. The company that manufactures them is Essential Structures, they exhibited houses made of fibre glass, they are durable, portable and affordable as written on their brochure. Get more information from their web site here.

Outside the Arena

Fun fair area was packed as usual

There was a lot of ice cream as usual, local and a variety from other countries like China and Tanzania. Those from China and Tanzania where tasty and cheaper than the Kenyan brands we are used to.

This Chinese company had a variety of ice cream packaged well but still cheap.

Azam a Tanzania company had this foods shop with with variety of ice cream.

This is Dairyland shop a Kenya Ice cream company

There were other ice cream vendors all over but I did not see Razco Foods products Llyons maid brand, a Kenyan brand which has been around for years, may be they did not want to participate due to competition from other companies especially those from outside Kenya.

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Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Kumbe ushaenda pale pale uchumi umekua na ukachuna! Lionwalo na si lipo dada?