Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Kenya finally got a Cardinal after Cardinal Otunga but……..

I am not a Catholic but its activities are not strange to me because my Church’s way of worship is somehow similar. The Catholic Church has the highest number of Christian following in the world. That is why everything that is done by Catholic leaders all over the world attracts a lot of attention.

I remember the world following with interest when Pope John Paul II was sick, his funeral and later election of the new Pope Benedict XVI.

Now back to my subject, Kenya had Cardinal Maurice Otunga for a long time, he later retired and died. I really admired Cardinal Otunga’s humility, to many he was truly a man of God and disserved his post as a Cardinal. Archbishop Ndingi Mwana aNzeki took over from him when he retired, he served for 10 years and people hoped he will be appointed a Cardinal after the death of Cardinal Maurice Otunga.

This did not happened, Archbishop Ndingi retired this month and succeeded by someone I least expected Bishop Njue. This came as a shock to me and my Catholic friends because of his biased way of talking.

Within a short time, his biased way of talking about issues has come in the public, when he declared that the Catholic Church does not support Majimbo, which is advocated by the opposition parties. This obviously shows he is supporting the President and his party, which is against majimbo. Other Catholics including Bishops have come out to say that was not their stand, read more here.

So now my question and that of many others, what did the Pope see that we did not see in Bishop Njue to appoint him Cardinal? Most of my Catholic friends feel Bishop Rotich of resurrection garden would have been a better person for Cardinal.


Ssembonge said...

I have fond memories of Cardinal Otunga visiting us in high school.

There was once he visited us and as he raised his hands to greet us someone shouted Shalom causing the students gathered at the parade to burst out in laughter.

What I don't understand is why Njue has such brown teeth. Can't the Catholic church do something about the state of his dentals.

Sue said...

I havent noticed his brown teeth, I will check next time I see him on TV. I think the type of water in some parts of Kenya affect teeth. A cousin's kids born while they were staying in Athi River have brown teeth.

Now that he is a Cardinal, I hope the Church will do something about his dentals.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, real issues, these... teeth.Maybe its just what the pope saw! Or maybe the pope doesn't know a thing about equal distribution of 'jobs' across all the tribes of Kenya.