Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Political Attacks on aspiring Kenyan Women

Political attacks against women aspirants are still going on. Another woman aspirant was attacked this past weekend. Ms. Asha Ali was attacked on her way home from a rally. Other women who have been attacked in the recent past are:

1 .Orie Rogo Manduli
2. Flora Igoki Tera
3. A lady aspirant in Kayole last week
4. Asha Ali

Men have also had a taste of violence from politically jealous opponents; the recent case of attacks on William Ruto and Omingo Magara is a good example.

Just like I mentioned on my previous post there will be more of such attacks especially on women because this year has more women aspirants than the past years. The people involved in these attacks feel threatened and they have resorted to primitive means of silencing their female opponents to make them give up on their bid.

Mrs. Charity Ngilu declared her support for ODM’s Presidential candidate Mr. Raila Odinga then attended ODM rally on Saturday and received a celebratory welcome. She was later sacked as Minister of Health for supporting the opposition candidate. Does this mean that people working in the government do not have a right to express their opinion? I do not thing this is fair and is another form of attack.

Those who condemn her for her stand have forgotten just recently Uhuru Kenyatta the leader of opposition declared his support for the government abandoning his duties. He was received well by those supporting the government. This is a move to kill democracy in that if you oppose the government you are punished by attacks and sacking threats.

Ngilu must have been a wonderful minister for her secretaries and workers to hug her and cry the way they did, when she was leaving her office yesterday. There are some Ministers who would send their workers into jubilation when they leave office.

Ngilu’s sacking is a plus to ODM, more are on the way. Talking of more defections, am wondering when the President will dissolve parliament so that we get shock from her former colleagues waiting to defect and talk like they were never in the government. Then campaigns will really get hot.


Anonymous said...

Men who attack women aspirants are cowards and loosers that electorates should not vote for. Shame on them.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

In 2002, one Betty Njeri Tett 'claimed' to have been beaten by one Fred Gumo, he who later later 'allegedly' rigged the parliamentary Westlands seat, so that Njeri had to be nominated to the August House. I guess she wouldn't make the records, for whatever reasons.Maybe because 5 years does not qualify as recent past.
Oh, by the way, this Gumo guy is the same one who, even though he has 'never' beaten his wife of now 35 years (it was of 30 years when Njeri made the 'claims'), publicly defended one Sospeter Someone Ojamoong when he beat his wife so bad she went to FIDA and displayed the beatings to TV cameras. Talk of getting the leaders we deserve. Becasue we elect them.

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...
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