Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Stand Up and Speak Out against poverty

STAND UP and SPEAK OUT is a worldwide call to take action against poverty and inequality and for the Millennium Development Goals. During the 24 hour period between Oct. 16th at 9pm GMT and Oct. 17th at 9pm GMT, millions will literally STAND UP and SPEAK OUT to show that they refuse to stay silent or seated in the face of poverty. Help us break the world record so we can break the record of broken promises. Read more

"We join in solidarity with people from over 100 countries to say:

To the leaders of the wealthy countries –

We urge you to keep your promises on poverty – debt relief, more and better aid, trade justice and gender equality.

To the leaders of poorer countries – make it your first responsibility to save the lives of your poorest citizens. We ask you to tackle inequality, to be accountable to your people, to govern fairly and justly, to fight corruption and to fulfill human rights." I agree with Phil on this, read more from his Kenya Environmental & Political News Weblog

It is my hope that leaders will honor this Stand Up call to make the World a better place for all.


Ssembonge said...

This is a worthy awareness initiative. But they have to involve poor people.

Some people are poor because of their attitude/character. It don't matter if they win the lottery, they will drift back to poverty.

Rozie said...

Yes its a worthy cause but I wonder if it will yield any fruits. There have been calls, conferences, seminars you name it for many years but still the population of the poor in the World in still high. The 3rd World is more affected, the most amazing thing is that country leaders also attend some of these meetings, but do very little to change the situation in their countries.

Africa's poverty rate is very high, leaders only work hard on how to stick to power by stealing votes, some terrorise citizens calling for democracy with their armies and rape innocent women and girls and also killing many making children orphans causing terrible suffering. If only African dictators can put the same strength they use to remain in power to erradicate poverty. Then Africans living standard will improve.

African leaders Stand up against poverty.

catch up said...

As far as creating awareness is concerned, that is commendable. However come next year if poverty levels in the world will have gone down, thanks will be to policies that are trully life changing.

I can assure you that to many development patners, this day serves the unfortunate unintended purpose of a ceremony.

Poverty has to be confronted head on with the main drive being commitment and a humane conscience.

Not even aid is an answer to poverty eradication. A glimpse at the African scene for the last 25 years shows that massive imbalance between received aid and observable change.

Jump over to Asia, and especially Malaysia and Singapore and the reality that willingness is the top issue becomes squarely laid on the table.

Think about it, for how long do we intend to commemorate this day? If we are not sure then we have no vision to tackle poverty.

Nevertheless, African countries are of late showing a willingness to improve living conditions of its progeny. Here I offer an example of Botswana, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Mauritius.

There is hope, but tagged on action as oppossed to wishes.

Phil said...

Hi Sue and others. This is good debate. Tomorrow I shall publish a story showing how empowering rural women is a sure way of eliminating poverty at http://kenvironews.wordpress.com; For now please do the needful here, and spread the word.

-------Women's Edge Coalition------

I know that you care about women living in poverty around the world as much as I do. That's why I'm inviting you to take the first step to give women around the world the tools and resources they need to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

Visit the Women's Edge Coalition to sign the petition supporting the Global Resources and Opportunities for Women to Thrive Act (GROWTH)!

Just cut and paste the following link into your browser to get there:

This petition matters! GROWTH is a groundbreaking piece of legislation that addresses the needs of millions of women living in poverty.

Millions of concerned Americans like you and me are speaking up for the world's poor! Our signatures will be added to the growing list of men and women who know that the right U.S. policies can go a long way towards ending global poverty. The GROWTH petition will be presented to Congress by the Women's Edge Coalition.

Won't you stand with me? Don't forget to sign:

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments and to Phil look forward to reading your story tomorrow on empowering rural women.

I will check on the link you gave and sign the petition.

Nickolas said...

Not sure if you know but the results are in! Over 38.8 million people, in 110 countries have broken the Guinness World Record – set last year at 23.5 million - for the largest number of people to “STAND UP AGAINST POVERTY” in 24 hours.

Sue said...

Thanks Nicholas I didnt know, that was good shows how many people are concerned about high levels of poverty in the world.