Thursday, November 1, 2007

Is Kenyan politics a preserve for the old?

First Lady Lucy Kibaki was in Western province and said.

Viongozi wengine wanataka wazee waondoke kwa serikali, waende wapi? (Some leaders want the old guard to leave Government, where to?)” Read more from EA Standard.

Is Mama Lucy telling us that old politicians have nowhere else to go or anything else to do apart from politics? Even when they have reached political menopause and throw insults like mavi ya kuku (chicken droppings), pumbavu (fool), tutawakojolea (we will urinate on them) etc…. until we cannot call them waheshimewa (honorable) any more, they should just keep leading us as if the young generation are not capable?

Sorry Mama Lucy, it is now time for wanasiasa wazee (old politicians) to retire and leave leadership in the hands of viongozi vijana (younger leaders) for a better Kenya.


Rozie said...

Vijana wagutuke, wazee waende mashambani. Kwani hawatosheki na pesa wamepata kutokana na siasa hizo miaka zote. Waache uchoyo ili vijana pia wapate kazi.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was about service through leadership, not money and jobs. kama uko jobless, mp ni job kuwa sana kuanza bila experience au transferable skills.

Anonymous said...

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