Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Family matters

As a parent, I like reading LIVING, The Family magazine by Nation media, I find the articles very interesting and educative.

Now I know how to whip up a pizza in my own kitchen from today’s copy, it was also interesting to read about bringing campaigns into your home and the way children know about elections process, have groupings in schools according to the parties they like, “some have learnt to parrot their parent's careless comments about various politics” so true, and that we should teach them about the whole process and good leadership. This reminds me of a post I did on the same topic. Kids on politics and tribalism.

However I was disappointed when I didnt find Fatherhood column by Josaya Wasonga, its one article I have been reading keenly because I got my last baby around the same time as his Pudd’ing. Unless it was mention that last week's article on Pudd’ngs birthday was the last one?

The column that I like most and have also been reading keenly is "Me and Mine" by Ruth, it talks a lot about parenthood and kids. When she talks about her kids thinking she is old fashioned, she reminds me of mine who also think am old fashioned sometimes. When I think am still young and know a lot of fashionable stuff, they can really criticize everything I do or wear.

As a kid I also criticized my mother many times and thought a younger aunt was more fashionable. One funny thing is we do criticize our parents and find that we do some of the things they were fond of doing, when we become adults. A good example that Ruth mentioned is she keeps her money in envelops just like her mother. I was amused because my mum used to do that and still does, I also find myself doing it most of the time to avoid mixing money for different uses.

Kids of this generation think they know it all in terms of technology and fashion, it has become difficult to buy clothes and gifts without their approval. They even criticize what we wear and judge whether its still fashionable or not.

One time I got a whole hour lecture from my daughter(who has appointed herself my fashion watchdog) for wearing a bad outfit during a church function, this was an African attire we chose on with the church group and we felt it looked really nice. They are so young but are very keen on what I wear or buy and can even boycott walking with me if I don’t dress up to their expectations.


Seasons & Reasons said...

Great post. I understand what you men I have an almost 12 year old kid and she has decided on what I should wear for events.

She has even decided to go through my closet and throw out what she feels is not in vogue.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comment my daughter is also around 12 years. I cant remember criticizing my mum/dad so much like her.

There are kids who tell their parents, why don’t you dress like so and so’s mum or dad. They forget that their parents are not like so and so’s parents.

We have to teach them to appreciate us the way we are and not copy everything they see around them.

Anonymous said...
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