Friday, November 9, 2007

More election goodies

I thought I would steer clear of politics for a while, but couldn't control the urge to say something when there is something to talk about.

Election year is a year of nice things to those who are lucky to be in the right position to receive them. Like now I wish I was a civil servant, I would have got the 16% salary increment that has been awarded to Job group A – N. There is still more, the increment will be backdated to July and will be paid end of this month. That will be some good money for the civil servants (formally referred to civil sufferers for poor salaries) to enjoy the coming holidays.

Why now? Its obvious, elections are at the corner but “Public Service minister, Mr Moses Akaranga, was quick to point out that the new pay had no connection to the General Election” Read more. Which I disagree.

Earlier this year a friend complained bitterly about only senior civil servants and armed forces getting salary increments yet the armed forces have nothing to do so she can now smile.

There have been many other goodies like, women’s funds, youth funds (which has been now increased to 4 billion Kshs), unfortunately men are not getting anything. I think women and youth votes count more than men.

Many other groups have also complained of not being recognized like the disabled, I think those with HIV/Aids have also complained. Am sure these cases are also being looked at, but they can access the women and youth funds.

So I wonder what other goodies are on the way.


Rozie said...

Yes it’s a time for promises and goodies, women’s fund, youth fund, 3 months maternity leave and by the way men also got something 2 week paternity leave. May be baby fund is coming, to buy baby stuff for women who get babies around this time. Everyone is free to sell in Nairobi streets if you are lucky to get space, by the way they have some cheap stuff and pole to shop keepers, super markets and exhibitions who have enjoyed doing business without interference from hawkers.

Its not only the government giving promises, even opposition have offers. Jobs for those who loose in nominations, better life, improved infrastructure etc….

Kenyans should not be fooled by fake promises and goodies. Some politicians are known liars.

Shamemanners said...

Politicians can offer heaven and earth and give all they can afford but people will vote for their chosen leaders.

Such gimicks are common with the government that is in power to woe voters, especially the poor. The other issue during elections is when some politicians feel threatened and decide to buy voters cards, its sad that poverty can make someone sell their voters cards for as little as Ksh1000 - Ksh3000, money that will not even last a week.