Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Quitting a Job

Making a decision to quit a job after working in one place for many years is a difficult decision to make, especially when one has not got another job. One arrives at such a decision when the job becomes monotonous, boring and nothing to show for it. The other reason could be when one has a frustrating boss. It can be even worse when it’s a one man’s show and the owner runs the company in an unprofessional manner.

When one finally decides to quit their job and decide to inform others. People can make very discouraging comments and remarks like; don’t quit before you get another one, where are you going? seems you got greener pasture somewhere, others will ask what will you do if you don’t have anything else in mind? Will you stay at home as a housewife (in case of a married lady) and ruin your career? Others have stupid thoughts like you will end up being idle and get more kids or are you ready to beg for everything you need from your husband? It is even more difficult for a man especially when he has a family, people will never understand.

What I can say is that very many people are frustrated at their places of work they do not have a choice but to stick for better or for worse (like it’s a marriage). If people had a choice to work for someone or to be self-employed, I believe many would choose the latter. However it is not possible for everyone to be self-employed in this world. It is even worse when one is working for a bad boss who frustrates you because you are desperate, but there comes a time when someone decides enough is enough and decides to quit. No matter what others say, it is only the wearer of the shoe who knows how tight it is. I remember one time a colleague walked out and told our boss, “am not planted here like a tree”.

Having been faced with a similar situation sometime back, I decided to ignore people’s advice and quit a job because of some disagreement with my boss. If I may be faced with a similar decision again, am now more informed and can get ideas from other sources like the web, like this interesting site I came across Career Planning read more here on related topic

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Rozie said...

Hey Sue, seems you want to quit your job or what? May be thats why you are also couting down to a new year when everyone is counting to elections.