Friday, November 16, 2007

Kenya political parties

A total of 9 Presidential candidates have presented their papers to ECK chairman Mr. Samuel Kiviutu. Three of the parties ODM, ODM-K and PNU held rallies and unveiled their manifestos with all kinds of promises.

Nominations of party representatives for Parliamentary and Civic posts are on from today. The rainy weather has not been on their side but I can now see some sun and can imagine the campaigns out there getting hotter.

However many are not happy that some parties like ODM and PNU have given party officials direct nominations. I also believe that nominations do not give us the right leaders because very few participate being a working day, so an aspirant can influence the nominations with the few available.

One thing that amazes me is the number of political parties in this election, though there are only 9 Presidential candidates, the parties that I have counted are 18 and could be more.

I call it political mchuzi (spice) mix, though I can say the only 3 parties that make the political dish tastier are ODM, ODM-K and PNU.

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