Thursday, November 29, 2007

Land clashes in Kenya continue

Land clashes in Kenya have not stopped despite deployment of security forces by the authorities. When we enjoy going about our normal life, worrying more about our families, the latest in politics and other issues, we forget about terrible things happening to fellow Kenyans. We are proud to tell the World that Kenya is a peaceful country and that we have enjoyed peace in Kenya unlike other countries in African that have been torn by war for many years.

Then our peace gets disturbed when our news sources brings us back to reality of things happening around us like insecurity, tribal and land clashes, news of clashes in some parts of Kenya, that leave us wondering whether our government has the machinery to deal with such conflicts or not.

Am writing this because I have been saddened by this story in the Daily Nation newspaper of a 4 year old child with her 60 year old grandmother, who were attacked in Kuresoi area of Molo District in Rift Valley.

"Three more die in night attack

Publication Date: 11/29/2007
Three family members were killed in violence-torn Kuresoi area of Molo District, raising the death toll to seven in the last few days.

Four-year-old Sharon Chebet and grandmother Esther Bore, 60, yesterday at Molo District Hospital where they were admitted following an attack by raiders at Ng’arua village, Kuresoi in Molo District. Three of their relatives were killed by the raiders on Tuesday night. Photo/MARTIN TELEWA

The victims were killed as they fled when their home was attacked by arsonists at Temyota-Three farm on Tuesday evening in what residents claimed was retaliation after similar raids in the area.

The family was taking supper when raiders, armed with pangas, bows and arrows, struck. Read more"

Mt. Elgon region in Kenya has also had clashes since December 2006, many have been displaced, people have lost their property and many killed because of land, read more from Kenvirons.

The government has deployed security officers in these areas but violence has persisted. If the authorities managed to stop Mungiki, why not stop these people causing clashes in Mt. Elgon, Kuresoi and other parts of Kenya?

This violence should be stopped to save innocent Kenyan's from suffering as refugees in their own country, then we can be proud of saying Kenya is a peaceful country.

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