Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Poor infrastructure nearly ruined my weekend

I started my weekend early to sort out a few personal issues that marked a big achievement in my life.

I was preoccupied with my plans and thinking about the activities for the weekend in a quiet and relaxed upcountry like atmosphere away from all the pollution in the city and current news in Kenya, I decided to ignore the newspapers and TV and only preferred listening to music occasionally.

Just when I thought I could get away and also forget about politics, an incident brought me back to reality. The vehicle we were traveling in got stuck in mud and took us hours to get it out, the delay caused us to arrive at our destination when it was nearly dark.

That is when I realized there is government that people are complaining about because of poor infrastructure amongst other issues, I really cursed this regime and the previous ones more than ever. I asked myself how can we live like this with terrible roads for so many years, we cry for change all the time, then elect the same people who cause us untold suffering yet they don’t go through this kind of experience.

When it rains they either use their powerful vehicles and helicopters, some even have airstrips on their vast land for smooth landing. They only remember how other Kenyan’s suffer when its time for elections and promise to build the roads. Our politicians have been building ghost roads since independence. How I wish Kenyan’s would vote 90% of them out if not all.

Otherwise I reached my destination away from all campaign hullabaloo, propaganda and accusations. Its all crazy such that I wish ECK Chairman would stop all campaigns and tell everyone to shut up and wait for elections day.

My quiet weekend made me realize how peaceful life can be without politics, so am now looking forward to the festive season more than ever.


Ssembonge said...

News can be mind numbing. Spending a few days away from the chatter boxes can be invigorating.

Sometimes we can go for days without watching the TV or listening to the radio.

Sue said...

True this days news is mind numbing because of too much politics, clashes which are mostly political and tribal, 90% is bad news that leaves one more sick. Thats why I felt much better getting away from all this.

Now am back and just praying for December 27th to come faster.