Thursday, December 13, 2007

Did the MC at State House function deserve First Lady’s slap?

Latest hot news in Kenya now is not about political parties and their last campaigns trail as we countdown to elections in 13 days. I also thought there would be nothing interesting from news in Kenya to blog about as I look forward to Christmas holidays and the New year, alas I was wrong, there will always be something interesting coming along.

First Lady Lucy has done it again, she slapped the MC at the Presidential award ceremony yesterday at State House, Nairobi for referring to her as Wambui, a lady that has been referred to by many as her co-wife but the President has denied in public that she is not his wife, read here story by E.A. Standard

I want to put myself in First Lady Lucy Kibaki’s shoes, being the first and only wife of my husband, then he gets another woman or another woman appears in public to claim she is my husband’s second wife and has a daughter with him, I will definitely loathe that woman with a passion and insist my husband clears the air about the other woman. I may even contemplate leaving him but one funny thing about married women, we threaten to leave, then again we decide to stay on and fight this intruder or enemy in the form of a co-wife, mistress or concubine. We call the woman all sorts of names, husband snatcher or gold digger and forget to blame the man who went after this woman.

However in First Lady Lucy’s case, it seems like this has been a long relationship (if what Wambui claims about the marriage is true) and the fact that her daughter is an adult so she must have been aware of the relationship for a long time. Her main problem with this other woman could have come out when her husband became a President making her First Lady, so she could not stand the idea of sharing her public figure husband.

On the other hand, if I were a public figure like First Lady Lucy and having to deal with the idea of a co-wife or my husband’s mistress, I would not have reacted the way she did in public. In order not to shame my family or tarnish my husbands name at a crucial time like now (elections), I would have summoned the senior administrative officer who was the MC after the function, get some explanation from him, if I don’t get a satisfactory explanation then I would give him a piece of my mind and a warning, but Madam Lucy being the Lucy we know could not hold her dignity and decided to do what she is known best to do.


Anonymous said...

Offcourse he did not deserve a slap.

If we are all to slap people who say annoying things to us, imagine what a primitive existence we would be living.

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why Kibaki had to marry Wambui! She is such a disgrace to the President, Kenyan's now have more reason to vote out Kibaki.

SamWaithaka said...

I strongly believe that first lady needs help. Either counselling therapy or something i don't know... Let's not make fun of it but let's pray for her instead. And respect her.

Anonymous said...

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Rozie said...

No wonder former President Moi decided not to have a first lady. Married women can sometimes be a shame to their husbands. Lucy bid Kenyans good bye with that slap.

Anonymous said...

I think Lucy messed it up for Kibaki. That was a timely bad luck on PNU and Kibaki. If polls are held today Raila 70% Kibaki 20% and Kalonzo 10%.

Infact Kiss FM held it this morning and belive it or not Raila was flying high. If you ask me Lucy contribution.

For me that is a blessing in disguise. Let Kibaki and his family go and sort out themslves.

Makofi indelee..........Kora ipotee said...


Please usichape mzee in public that will be the state house exit slap and I know you will not like it just like we (all kenyans) dont like you action.

Ida take the advantage and usher Agwambo in.

Anonymous said...

We all know there was no “accident”. It was an INTENTIONAL, heartless insult aimed at BOTH Lucy and her husband. Anyone who insults your wife in front of you insults you. Period. It's the ultimate show of disrespect.

By taking immediate action, Lucy saved the day by eliminating the need for her husband to step in and "check" the perpetrator.

Musyimi got his dues. To be "checked" with a public bitchslap is the ultimate humiliation for any self-respecting dude. Should have been aired on TV.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with this arrogance.Yes Lucy was insulted, but everyone took it as an accident. But the "bitchslap" was not an accident.It was more of disrespect , illigal and immoral.

The impact and price that the first family will pay for this is very high.That is the exit from their public presidency status on 27th december 2007. Kenyans cannot have a first lady of Lucy`s character.

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