Friday, December 7, 2007

I just love December

December is normally a relaxed month for me as I normally look forward to Christmas, the holidays and the New Year. It’s a relaxed time for kids and parents when schools close early in Kenya, so the holidays are normally longer than other school holidays. It is also a good time for parents to organize for items, uniforms and news schools for their kids. Our company also closes over December holidays, this time we will close on 21st, that means I have over 10 days holiday. It is not normally free because the working days get deducted from my annual leave, but I can’t complain because I need the holiday.

When it gets to December the workload also gets less so I find myself free most of the time. I normally get time to do my errands sometimes in the morning or take a long lunch to do some shopping or window-shopping. I also loose interest to work with nothing much to do and my mind is fixed on the coming holidays, when I can get time to relax or travel upcountry to my home and visit relatives in the village.

When I travel upcountry the moment I get out of Nairobi and start the upcountry stretch from Limuru, Gilgil, and Naivasha onwards to western part of Kenya, I normally feel like I have left behind all problems we face in the city and wish I would never come back to them. Unfortunately its only for a few days and would still have to come back to the city because I don’t have an alternative to my job upcountry.

This time if I decide to travel upcountry it will be short because I have to be back in Nairobi by 27th December to vote, if not I would have to travel on 28th December after voting. I cannot complain about elections coming in between my holiday because it’s a worthy cause that only comes after every five years.

As I relax in my office this December, I can plan how to go about the coming holiday with elections coming in between.

Otherwise it is not too early to say


Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Where do you work, as in what company? You are actually relaxing in the office planning about December when the company will indeed close (business?) down for the holidays? Really admirable work ethics, right?
This is where I suggest that you ask more of yourself and your company/ employers than of political leaders to deliver the kind of Kenya you are demanding.

sayra said...

PWK, some people don't exactly go to their offices that belong to their employers, but offices that are their own. So whatever they do ... they are their own bosses ... and in the end as long as things work out as they should,its doesn't matter whether one is sleeping or planing for holiday in the office.
Right Sue?

Sue said...

PKW to say the truth most companies have no work in December and especially in election year. That is why you will find many companies closing earlier this year, some of the bosses especially foreigners and asians leave the country and come back in January.

There is no need of lying, work ethics or not if there is no work there is not work. I cannot compare people who have been working the whole year with our political leaders who have not been working the whole year. So long as I can look back and see how I have performed the other months, I dont see any problem with relaxing in December.

Sayra that is true not everyone goes to offices that belong to their employers but offices that are their own.

Nice weekend and happy holidays!

Proud Kikuyu Woman said...

Thanks for the education Sayra. I didn't have the slightest clue that anyone could have their own offices and more, the liberty to do whatever they wished in them!

Sue, sure, "if there is no work there is not work".

Here's the question though: if your office belongs to your employer, should you still be on the payroll if are are 'on the beach' in the office? If it was my office you were relaxing in, I would 'restructure' or 'rightsize' it (kinder terms for 'sacking' the underemployed) to ensure that everyone is fully utilized. What would you do if you were the boss?

Anyway, I hope the politicians deliver the promised Kenya you dream about. In the meantime, I wish you a merry Christmas, peaceful elections and one happy, productive 2008!

Ssembonge said...

At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, I would like to wish you and yours a merry Christmas and a blessed new year.

Sue said...

Thanks for your comments, I don't want to say anymore. Wish you all Merry Christmas, peaceful elections and prosperous and productive 2008, hoping our politicians will keep their word!