Monday, December 10, 2007

Drive carefully these holidays

Cases of grisly accidents on Kenyan roads are on the rise now, most of them caused by public service vehicles (PSV). We see and read in the news of terrible accidents involving matatus and recently a bus from Akamba Bus company in Vihiga, read more from E A Standard .

Apart from public transport drivers being careless, the authorities are also to blame for these accidents. I talked about laxity during election campaigns, where police stopped arresting matatus like they used to and so they drive the way they like. On another post I mentioned about the request by a former MP to the President that matatu touts uniforms should be abolished. I believe this triggered matatu touts to go back to their old ways.

They now don’t wear uniforms, speed governors have been disconnected or thrown in the garage, just take ride in a matatu one of these days on a highway, you will gasp for breath most of the time because of the speed and pray you reach where you are going safely. There are police checks everywhere but most of them defy when stopped or the police only check the front for insurance or proper lights and wave the matatus on. A few of them check the driver’s documents.

When the police are not serious or go slow in their duty may be because they have been told to do so at this time of elections, passengers of public transport and even motorists are left at the mercy of careless drivers with no documents or fake ones, we now have drivers of all characters on the road some could even be under alcohol or drug influence when driving. Un-roadworthy public vehicles are also back and we are back to the days when matatus charge whatever they want and carry more passengers and some even standing.

This is why accidents are on the rise now, many people loose their lives causing a lot of pain and suffering to their families. Other motorists are also caught in the mess when public service vehicles are driven carelessly on the roads.

The authorities should act fast before more people loose their lives and to motorists who will be driving upcountry this holiday season, take care!


Rozie said...

Sue there is a discussion on Classic Fm this morning about these accidents, someone called to say there is a god of the road called "Okun", he says when the god is not appeased it causes such accidents. Then the issue of our politicians visiting witchdoctors in big numbers for success in this elections could be another cause, yani the victims are sacrifices.

True or not, the accidents are bad and need to be stopped because recklessness by matatu and bus drivers are also to blame.

Sue said...

Thats a funny one Rozie, but its not a joking matter. Its true weird things happen in this world and so I can't deny that theory, though I don't want to believe such things exist, they could be right because the bad accidents occuring at this time (unlike other times) when we are heading to elections is questionable. However I still maintain that PSV drivers are to blame and the authorities should get serious about the whole issue.