Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stop this tribal nonsense

It is very shocking and annoying to see the Maasai and their leaders like Hon. Ole Ntimama claim that those against reappointment of Mr. Keriako Tobiko as Deputy Public Prosecutor are against the Maasai community. For heavens sake it is not about the Maasai community, it is about getting the right person for this important public office. There is evidence he was corrupt as the former DPP, the vetting was public and the witnesses were not ashamed or afraid of giving their facts. When other Kenyans are calling for an end to corruption, Kenyans want reforms then why are the Maasai community leaders taking us back?

There is also this group of members of parliament affiliated to PNU; just because ODM is against the appointment then they have to support the person,is it because of Maasai votes? This is Nonsense and tells Kenyans which leaders support reforms and those who don’t. We are moving ahead as a country, please don’t take us back. Kenyans lets shun leaders (even if he/she comes from your tribe) who are against reforms.

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