Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Another storey building collapse killing people

A six storey building under construction in Embakasi collapses killing workers and injuring many. It is unbelievable that this could happen again in Kenya today, there was no earth quake in Kenya to trigger this, it is as a result of dubious contractors and Nairobi City Council is to blame. It is shocking that this department of Nairobi City Council slept on their job once again after the past incidents that robbed Kenyans of their loved ones.

The current town clerk Mr. Philip Kisia has been busy working hard trying to overhaul and change the image of NCC famously known as Kanjo they are hated and loathed by many business people and Citizens for harassing and using uncouth ways of enforcing law and order. At least I can congratulate Mr. Kisia for working hard to change this perception. He also unearthed the corruption in License department that cost NCC’s losses worth millions of shillings. The council is also trying to recover unpaid money from land rates and demolish illegal buildings; they are so serious they even demolished NENO Evangelisms Church in the City center and the house of an MP Mr. Bufwoli Wakoli.

With all these happening at least we no longer hear of “ghost workers” or council workers demonstrating because of unpaid salary arrears. On the other hand it seems someone is sleeping on the job or was amongst the council officials under investigation for corruption. This is a serious matter that Philip Kisia should deal with as a matter of urgency. How can they allow more storey buildings to come up without proper inspection, this means their officers are still taking bribes from owners of the buildings like they normally do. They move around with small council vehicles as if going to inspect a building, within a few minutes of meeting the owner they disappear and comeback after some days or months to take more. More and more storey buildings are going up and the cycle continues. Something serious needs to be done.

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