Thursday, June 9, 2011


This is the highest in Kenya so far, a very ambitious budget that leaves many Kenyans wondering how it will be achieved. I like the casual way it was presented in Parliament, no ceremony with parades, no red carpet for executives, it was carried in a folder and not the usual briefcase at least something simple and straight. The budget statement was presented this way because the Finance Minister did not presenting it to Parliament earlier as required by the new constitution. He decided on this day because as a tradition East African countries read their budgets on the same day.

Currently the budget is being debated in parliament before implementation. True the Finance Minister may have erred may be he had a lot with the Hague cases. The country needs to move on and as they debate they should bear in mind the need to pass parts of the budgets that affect wananchi ASAP. The areas they should give priority are:-

HEALTH: Many Government health institutions need adequate health facilities and supplies especially in regards to ARVs, many people are sick and in these harsh economic times many rely on Government hospitals and health centers.

EDUCATION: Many Government schools are in need of more money now because the previous budgets they prepared cannot sustain the schools. Boarding schools are most affected because prices of food have doubled/tripled. If this is not done urgently there will be unrest in schools like the case of a school in Turkana where students went on strike because of food. Parents will also suffer more if schools resort to increasing school fees.

SECURITY: There is a lot of insecurity in Kenya, the latest attacks near border of Kenya and Ethiopia, the blast on Kirinyaga road. Then cases of insecurity in Kenyan homes is on the rise.

AGRICULTURE: Due to lack of adequate rains this year argent measures should be taken to increase food production. Money allocated for irrigation should be approved urgently to implement this.

EMPOWERMENT: Funds for creation of jobs, youth and women empowerment should also be passed and distributed as soon as possible, many idle youth are the ones engaged in crimes because cost of living is high and many have lost jobs.

LOWERED TAXES: Measures proposed for cushioning the poor should be looked into as a matter of urgency. READ MORE

I think I have touched on most of the urgent issues legislatures should give priority. Other issues like budget allocation for next years elections can be given enough time and scrutiny.

The common mwananchi is eager to see the new budget causing an impact on his/her life.

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