Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ministry of Education scam

“Releasing the Forensic audit is Finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta, Education Minister Prof. Sam Ongeri, Government Spokesman Alfred Mutua, and CID Director Mr. Francis Ndegwa Muhoro” Read more from Kenya weekly post.

This afternoon the Prime Minister Raila Odinga issued a statement on this misappropriation of a colossal sum of 4.2 Billion shillings. Many members on point of order wanted to know what action the Government has taken on this issue. This is not the first time the ministry is being accused of embezzling funds, in 2009 the sum was much higher 8.2 billion. The Prime Minister suspended Prof. Sam Ongeri; he was later reinstated by the Member of Parliament for Othaya (as MP. Sonko pointed in Parliament). As usual in Kenya the Tribal Nonsense came up in 2009 the Minister’s tribesmen Kisii came out to defend their man as being innocent.

Kenyans have been informed top officials will be arraigned in court to face charge.
The Prime Minister also assured Members of Parliament that it will not only be the small fish to face charges. I support MP Martha Karua, she said the properties of those accused be freezed. Donors also have lost confidence in this crucial ministry and have withdrawn funding. This is a very serious issue because it means some individuals in the ministry decided to get rich at the expense of education of Kenyan Children. It is known that many public servants have acquired a lot of property and cars for themselves and their girlfriends through corruption. To confuse others or those who may be investigating them some live in rented houses that their salary can afford and rent out the houses/flats they built. May be the government should make the names of those accused public, you never know they could get more information from people who know them.

This time round the Minister of Education should do the honor of stepping aside to pave way for investigations, and please let us not get “cries” from his tribesmen that the Government is against the Kisii. It is about public funds and the rights of the Kenyan Child and if they care they should ask him to step aside.

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