Saturday, June 4, 2011

Justice outside Kenya

Why is it that more and more prominent Kenyans are getting summons or banned from foreign countries for crimes committed in Kenya and abroad? These prominent Kenyans who have been summoned this year are:- The Ocampo Six for post election violence summoned to Hague, former Member of Parliament Chris Okemo & James Gichuru former Kenya Power MD for money laundering summoned by UK and now Member of Parliament for Kilome Harun Mwau banned by US for Drug trafficking.

The plain answer is IMPUNITY rules in Kenya, prominent Kenyans are protected while the common citizen faces the full force of law. It is known in Kenya that a petty thief can be jailed for life while prominent Kenyans known for big crimes against humanity walk free, enjoying life and getting richer and richer. Since independence cases of crimes by prominent Kenyans have piled up in courts and parliament, I believe some are now very dusty in archives, others have been trashed and many have since disappeared. Some of those I can name include:- assassinations of Tom Mboya, JM Kariuki, Robert Ouko,Crispin Mbai etc. the Goldenberg saga, Anglo leasing, land grabbers just to name a few.

Media, religious bodies, civil societies, human rights bodies, common citizens have cried for justice, but nothing much is done. Now Kenyans are happy that at long last there is someone who can touch the untouchables in Kenya.

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Anonymous said...

why do kenyans elect leaders without integrity into public office and then complain about them?