Friday, April 15, 2011

Wonders never cease

In today’s news headline “ICC suspect loses Shs 840m at JKIA” quoted from Standard Newspaper read more. This leaves many questions in the minds of Kenyans. In these harsh economic times when many Kenyans in Northern Kenya are dying of hunger, fuel and food prices are up hence most Kenyans are struggling with life. On the other end a Government Official carried a bag with millions of shillings when summoned to Hague, For What!? or was is a kitu kidogo (word used to describe bribe in Kenya, something small) for Ocampo. However I think this was was a kitu Kubwa (something big) it has become a Kenyan culture. On the same trip he was also accompanied by other Members of Parliament who used a lot of money on travelling and accommodation. Now as a common mwananchi who pays taxes and I believe many other Kenyans would also like to know, where did this money come from? Is it from public funds and who authorized it? Over to you Dr. PLO and (KACC).

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