Monday, April 11, 2011

The seven-Lineup for Kenyan 2012 election

1-William Ruto-Rift Valley
2-Uhuru Kinyatta-Central
3-Najib Balala-Coast
4-Omingo Magara-Nyanza
5-Kalonzo- Eastern
6-Duale-North Eastern
7-Eugene Wamalwa-Western

Looks like a good team to beat one person Raila Odinga. Who is standing for Nairobi if I may ask? Wait abit what percentage can each of these people deliver in their areas;

1- William Ruto will deliver 80 % of Rift valley if he is the touch bearer. If Uhuru is the candidate, he will deliver about 50%.

2- Uhuru will deliver 95% from Central if he is the top man but 30 % if he is not especially if Ruto is.

3-Balala- not more that 10 % of Coast.

4-Magara-5% of Nyanza

5-Duale -70 % of North Eastern

6-Kalonzo-80 % of eastern if Uhuru is the candidate. 30% if Ruto is.

7-Wamalwa-5 % of Western votes. Only in bukusuland.

Let us wait and see

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