Saturday, April 16, 2011

A step to the right direction

Kenyans have been subjected to a lot of hate speech and tension after summons of the Ocampo six to The Hague. They went and came back but their cases are still on, hence more tension is still expected. At least one person has come up with an idea that may save this Country from more chaos exploding like what was experienced end 2007/2008 after elections. The National Cohesion and Integration Commission Chairman Dr. Mazalendo Kibunja held a meeting with elders of Central Kenya and is also planning to meet Elders of other parts of the Country to unite Kenyans. Our leaders should also work towards bringing peace amongst all tribes of Kenyans, because we are so divided along tribal lines and this is what always causes tension whenever a National event like elections are held or when a leader is accused of committing a crime, many people see a leader as our man and not a national leader, using words like our man is being accused by the leader of that tribe (very dangerous words).

Tomorrow being Palm Sunday when many people will be attending Churches and other religious meetings. Many of our Church leaders have also been caught in the sin of tribal hatred; they have preached and held biased prayers for or against certain leaders. It is now time for our religious leaders to follow the steps of National Cohesion and Integration Commission to preach peace, they should first confess their sins and then move forward in the right direction instead of preaching water and drinking wine. Wish you all the best Dr. Kibunja.

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