Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Good and bad events in Kenya lately

I start with the Good News:

1. Parliament has passed bill on FGM, “Anyone who causes death while performing FGM risks life imprisonment” I quote this from today’s Standard Newspaper. This is great news; FGM is a crime against humanity.
I tried to look for more Goods news but I couldn’t find anymore.

Now to the Bad News:

1. More and more hate speeches. Even after being warned by ICC to watch their language, two of the Ocampo six suspects Uhuru/Ruto were welcomed from Hague by their sympathizers to a “Prayer meeting” at Uhuru Park. The so called prayer meeting was a platform for more hate speeches from their supporters mainly Members of Parliament, who comprise of all wrong characters from the former/present Government/Parliament. They addressed the crowd of idlers with very useless messages mainly attacking the Prime Minister/ICC. 47 years after independence, surely Kenya can do without such leaders.
2. More and more women/men killing their family members to end their troubles in these hard economic times. In today’s news a woman kills her children then commits suicide. Who will save more Kenyans especially children from the wrath of their parents? It seems many people are tired of living and do not want to leave their children behind. Very sad, who will address this? I think this is the time religious groups should counsel Kenyans and pray for this to end. We do not want religious/tribalist leaders who only give biased prayers like the ones we saw before Ocampo six went to Hague.
3. William Ruto, Kulei and Mwaita declared innocent in the 272 million-land case. State also drops incitement charges against Kutuny a close ally of Ruto just a few days after coming back from ICC. Isn’t this fishy! Very soon those accused of drugs will also be declared innocent and they will receive apology from the Government. Impunity in Charge.
4. Internally displaced persons IDPs after 2007 controversial elections still suffering in camps, land issue to resettle them not resolved. State officials are playing hide and seek. A lot of politics in this issue.
5. There are many issues but the one I think is the worst is that of Kenyans living like they are in another country. I watched “Portraits of Pain” on Nation TV about drought in North Eastern Kenya and really felt sad; this is always the case since independence. Scenes of people scooping water from dried ponds using caps, cattle and people dying of hunger while our leaders spend millions on shuttle mission to the UN Security Council, 40 MPs and other Government officials going to Hague to support suspects. Yet this money could have been used to dig boreholes and start irrigation projects that would save many lives. God have mercy upon us!

The list is long I will continue on a later date. So on a lighter note Laurent Gbagbo captured in Ivory Coast is Good News for Africa and the World.

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