Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trial for Ocampo six suspects begins

Finally the six main post election violence suspects have gone to the Hague. There is some air of peace after noisy/abusive rallies held by two of the suspects Uhuru and Ruto. They have said a lot to convince Kenyans, their allies have also shown solidarity with them by attending rallies, some even traveling to Hague with them. But the bottom-line remains Kenyans want justice and latest statistics show that 61% Kenyans support the Hague process.

Kenyans believe in ICC because the kind of people ICC has summoned to appear in Court cannot be prosecuted or get summoned by the current Government, because of the position they hold in the Government and the society. It is historical to see the son of the first President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta go to court as a suspect. He has had protection from the current President and the former President. Compared to many Kenyans even many Politicians who fought for reforms for this country, he does not know what it is like to be accused in court and jailed. The other suspects are also protected by part of the Government side affiliated to the Presidents party PNU. This is why majority Kenyans believe Hague is the better Option.

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