Monday, October 24, 2011

Police brutality in Naivasha

Even when the former police commissioner is facing charges at the ICC for post election violence, police have not learnt a lesson. Watching news this weekend I saw protestors carrying a coffin it was said to be of a farmer who was killed, the mourners were protesting about rising insecurity in Naivasha. After sometime police came and violently dispersed the mourners. Those who could run were lucky to escape they even left the coffin on the street. Unfortunately one woman could not run far because of her body and may be age, she was caught by the police and beaten up mercilessly, the media showed this clearly on TV.

Looking at that part of the news without knowing the story behind it, one would think those were pictures of the 90s when police brutally beat up opposition protestors, I remember the worst was that of Rev. Timothy Njoya being beaten up outside parliament and the Late Nobel. Prof. Wangari Maathai, bleeding on the head after the attack at Karura forest.

One would also mistake this to be a crackdown on Al-Shabaab now that Kenyan forces are in Somalia to fight the terrorists. The police unleashed their anger on the innocent mourners as if the coffin they were carrying had a bomb and not a body.

Police commissioner Mathew Iteere tell your boys to style up, Kenya is changing.

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Ghafla!Guy said...

Yet then Kenyan police motto is "Utumishi kwa wote"...whatever happened to the police commission that was to address such kind of issues?