Saturday, October 1, 2011

Good bye to “Black” September

Am glad we are in October after a bumpy September full of tragedies in Kenya, tragedies of all kind petrol fire in a slum, petrol fire from a fallen tanker, road accidents, killer brews, gas explosion in a garage, inflation and many more. Watching news yesterday I agree with the media when they called it a “Black” September. Previously it was the month of August that was a bad month when at one time many prominent people died in August. It is also ironical that terrorists also chose the month of September to commit the worst crime on humanity in the USA. Kenyans also lost a very important person to us and to the World; it is a September to remember as we are still mourning the death of Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai (RIP).

As we start October things are still not so good in the Country with a weak shilling, we have to dig deeper into our already battered pockets to buy essential commodities. Most prices have doubled over the past year especially from the effects of drought. It is not only essential commodities that Kenyans have to grapple with, fuel prices, transport costs, school fees has risen by 50% and some schools have doubled to cope with this crisis. It is a fact that many Kenyans now survive on borrowing, bank loans, cooperative loans, chama (group) loans, merry go round groups, re-loaded loans, selling properties to make ends meet. It is crazy and I just pray for a miracle to happen in the remaining part of the year.

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