Friday, October 21, 2011

Al-Shabaab have woken up Kenyan security forces

It had to take the kidnapping of a British tourist Judith Tebbutt, a French national Marie Dedieu and a Spanish aid worker Blanca Thiebaut to realize that Al-Shabaab’s threats to attack Kenya are real. Kenyan armed forces are now showing their might in Somalia in an operation dubbed Linda Nchi (protect the Country). When they threatened to attack, Kenyans imagined it would be bomb attacks on buildings as previous cases and a so a lot of measures had been taken since those attacks. By kidnapping 3 foreigners they knew they would hit our image and economy because it would scare tourists and investors.

As a result of many years of corruption Kenyan Government got itself in a dilemma that will take time to solve. The issue of Kenyans of Somali community and Somali’s of Somalia mixed up in Kenya is a big issue, if you visit Eastleigh estate in the heart of Nairobi you would think you are in Somalia, they own nearly all the businesses, they have built multi storey buildings for business and residential, they are buying land and houses not only in Eastleigh but in most places in Nairobi. Am talking about Nairobi because it is City with people from all over so it is so strange to find one community so crowded in one estate like the case of Eastleigh.

Before the opposition took power many of these people flocked the country and bought Kenyan identity cards and passports, they are now Kenyan citizens with relatives in Somalia. So Kenya has been living with a time bomb and it is why it was so easy for Kenya to be bombed as was the case in 1998 7th August, then the bombing of Kikambala Paradise Hotel at the Coast, other bombs exploded at a Ambassador bus stop, and a bus bound for Kampala Uganda.

It is a risky venture for the Kenyan Armed forces but it is high time these people are stopped. It is also the right time to sort out this Somalia problem that is nuisance to the Horn of Africa.

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