Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Museveni violating Besigye’s rights

I just don’t have the right words to describe this Ugandan leader. In this time and age of democratization of the World, it is very sad for a country to be lead by such a Stone Age leader. After forcefully taking over Uganda in 1986 and making it stable, the most prudent thing for him was to make the country democratic, but what he’s been doing now is taking back Uganda our beloved neighbor into what it used to be in the days of Iddi Amin. The events that have taken place in Uganda this past week are not pleasant at all; it’s disgusting to see Museveni forces treating Besigye the opposition leader like an alien in his own country. What is wrong if Besigye decides to walk to work and other citizens join him? Why arrest a citizen who decides to use his legs instead of wheels to get to work? If it is wrong then it means there is no freedom of movement in Uganda. Besigye is in Kenya for specialized treatment, he is scared Museveni could be trying to kill him. Coincidentally Museveni was also in Kenya attending a function last week, he says Besigye should have informed the police that he will be walking to work, what a shameful statement.

That is sad for a country were there is no freedom of expression and now they get shot for walking to work. What a pity, this is the time I can proudly say “Najivunia Kua Mkenya” (which means I am proud to be Kenyan). At least we have freedom of movement, expression and though I cannot say our Government is very democratic, at least our President cannot be compared to some dictators in African like Museveni. We feel it in Kenya because our people are also detained in Uganda as suspected terrorists as well as a Muslim rights activist. I do not support terrorism but the law says everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Yes they could have been terrorists but why lock up the Muslim rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi,who went to Uganda to check on their case, what crime has he done.

I say pole sana to our brothers and sisters in Uganda but to Museveni, no one knew Mubarak would be forced to step down, Gbagbo would be smoked out of his bunker, Gadafi would be holed up in his Palace, Osama would be killed. His day is coming.

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