Thursday, May 26, 2011

Family of Samuel Wanjiru wrangles before burial

The tragic death of Samuel Wanjiru the first Kenyan to win an Olympic Marathon was very unfortunate, a sad end to a World Champion, a life and a promising career cut prematurely. Nevertheless it happened and cannot be reversed. Now Kenyans and the World are waiting for his burial, but it is not known when it will take place why? The answer is obvious, when a prominent man dies, there will always be issues about his death and the most common one is he was killed. If he was married the first culprit is the wife. Even in obvious circumstances where there is a witness to prove that the wife was not involved, like the case of Samuel Wanjiru were there was another woman involved the barmaid who even gave her side of story. The wife will always be blamed because in African set up a man never dies a natural death or of an accident, he is always killed. The first person to cast an accusing finger is normally the mother-in-law, then other in laws. I know in some cases the in laws are right but it is only in rare cases, hence investigations in such cases is appropriate.

Hannah Wanjiru, Samuel`s mother is just behaving like all mothers in law when they loose their sons in tragic circumstances. I think it is high time someone drummed some sense in us women with sons, we get blames from our mothers-in-law for problems with their sons not only death, then when our sons grow old we behave the same way with our daughters in law. It is not always the daughters in laws to blame for problems in the family but men are also to blame for interfering with the family set up by getting into affairs with other women. The worst is bringing them in the house like what happened on the night Wanjiru died.

These burial disputes mostly arise when a person is rich, if Samuel Wanjiru was a poor man, his death and burial would not have been an issue.

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