Friday, October 3, 2008

Rushing to the land of "milk and honey"

Many people in Kenya dream about going to the US/UK and some countries in Europe to pursue greener pastures, new opportunities or to join family members. I can imagine its the same with others in Africa and some parts of the world, but I think more are interested in going to US than to other countries in Europe, because there are more opportunities in this part of the world than the others. So I would call US a country flowing with "milk and honey" a term used in the Bible as the land of hope.

There are so many ways of getting there like Green card lottery as seen on the web and newspaper ads. Many have applied and succeeded and are settled there now, some go to study, work and others join their family members through different means.

However there are other means that leave me wondering whether they are genuine or funny deals. I have heard of people talking about people willing to assist them to go abroad through some organisations like religious ones, they only need to get a passport and visa, then they take care of other issues including travelling expenses, homes and jobs for them and their dependants. I have not yet come across anyone who has succeeded this way and has finally settled there with their families as promised.

I find this to good to be true and cannot even bother pursue such an avenue. May be there are many who have succeeded and this could be genuine, I just need to know and could be of help to someone pursuing this way of getting to the land of hope. Many people are so desperate in Kenya and Africa because of hard times, so con people take advantage of those desperate to go abroad by whatever means.

May be am wrong and it could be true many have succeeded this way, please let me know.

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