Friday, October 31, 2008

As American votes ’08, we salute Obama!

Americans have started early voting and so this is a good time for me to write about Barrack Obama. I have always thought of writing about this great son, born of a man from a humble village in Kenya and being a Kenyan there is excitement about the son of a Kenyan man becoming President of a great Nation like America. However I have held my excitement because I was once beaten by the Kenyan elections outcome last year and am now shy to get over-excited about a favorite candidate wining an election. Though I cannot imagine the outcome being similar to that of Kenya’s past elections (stolen in broad daylight in such a primitive manner) because the technology used in America is modern and the level of democracy is not like the Kenyan`s. I can be consoled that there is a ray of hope for the son of a Kenyan man in American than it would be in Kenya to win an election fairly.

His father’s home Alego Kogelo which used to be a humble village in Kenya located in Siaya District in Nyanza province has became a famous village since the time he visited as a Senator. Now that Barrack Obama Jnr has climbed with great strides the stairway to the most powerful office, in a country known to be the most powerful in the world, this small village and Kenya as a whole has featured a lot in his campaigns. There are many visitors including international media in the area. I can imagine some have purchased land there only to be in the neighborhood of anything/body associated with the American president in waiting. Kogelo village is like another state in America located in Kenya.

America’s coming elections is now part of daily news in Kenya, with reporters from Kenya representing different media houses already in the US to cover the elections. You would think Kenya is now part of America because of Obama. Hence there is a lot of expectations from Kenyans especially from Luo Nyanza his late father’s tribesmen, Luos in Kenya are considered to be proud and like great things like fame, good life etc…. so I can imagine what it would be like if Barrack Obama becomes the next President of America.

I believe he is also famous in most parts of the world and if an American President was to be elected by the world, he would have a landslide win against is opponent Mc Cain. I want to believe this is what the outcome will be to bring a change in America.

I take this opportunity to wish “wuod Ja Kogelo (son of a man from Kogelo)” all the best. We should remember that a victory to Obama is a victory to Kogelo, Kenya, Africa, America and the whole world at large.

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