Saturday, September 20, 2008

Its been a long time!

Wow! I can't believe that time can fly this fast because the last time I blogged was on 1st March 2008! Many have found this very strange and wondered what happened (thanks for your emails) but I can only say that is what life is like as we always say when we don't want to indulge in many stories. Anyway am back but not fully back, I will blog whenever I find time to do so not like I used to last year.

A lot has taken place since last elections and the peace deal however, we are still the same Kenyans we were last year even worse for some who went through the post election violence (sorry for pricking that wound that may be healing).

To me and many life is worse than what we thought it would be after getting a coalition government. Inflation is really biting like an annoying mosquito in the night and no net to hide into. Now we are being told by Judge Kriegler' report that it is hard to tell who won the elections after wasting a lot of time and resources.

Politicians are at their usual game, they have only worked for about 2 years and so we have 3 more years to the next election but they are now getting charged up for 2012 like its tomorrow, yet am wondering as an ordinary Kenyan, what have I gained so far since they were elected. Part of my problems as a person such as bad roads, communication and traffic jam are still the same even worse since I moved to my new home and have to use one of the worst roads in the City.

I will never stop complaining until I see a new breed of politicians who will change our country as soon as they enter office and only think of coming elections when its one year to the time.


Phil said...

You bet, its been a long time.

Good to see your are back and we look forward to reading your posts more regularly now.

Welcome back

Sayra said...

Good to see you back.

Yah, much has and is happening and we got to do what we have to.

Hope to read more from you more often.

Nairobian said...

nice to see you reactivate!

Sue said...