Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nairobi Mayoral Election

What is really going on at City hall?

I am saddened that a bright Kenyan woman, Ester Passaries, is out of the race. I had desired to see a woman mayor after a long time from the good days of Margaret Kenyatta. Was the move to exclude her name deliberate? I don`t know. But we have missed once again a woman mayor for Nairobi City. If you agree with me that Margaret did a good job those days she was in office and considering the wanting state of the City then you will know what we have missed.

As the councillors toss the coin tomorrow in favour of Mr.Njoroge or Mr.Majiwa I wish that turns into a draw once again.

We need a change in our political structures. That change is in a Kenyan Woman.


Anonymous said...

I hear you about wanting a woman in that position but we also have to be careful about which women take up positions. I think that there has been some seriously shady business between Adopt-A-Light and the City Council and Passaris would just have been a continuation of the same old corrupt politics. Her hands are not clean.
I might have gone for the young woman who is CEO of the Central Business District Association. I forget her name....

Phil said...


Please back up your accussations with concrete evidence.

While it is within the law for political parties to nominate individuals, the Minister for Local Government not only omitted the name of the ODM nominee, he also misused state power to add 6 more nominees to the PNU line-up contrary to what is in the ECK statutes.

Secondly, you may be aware the Adopt-A-Light and the NCC have a case pending in court for breach of contract on the part of NCC? It is very wrong for you to accuse Passaris of being corrupt and engaging in shady business deals when we know the NCC has been unable to provide street lighting for citizens for decades before Adopt-A-Light came into town. More importantly, the company has rehabilitated street children and offered them employment in maintenance of the lights and the company - something which the central government and the NCC have been unable to do for decades.

For your information, even the world bank and other foreign donors have supported Adopt-A-Light's initiative. Successive Local government ministers have investigated and audited the contract between the company and the NCC but none has ever found anything wrong or corrupt about it.

It is likely that the former mayor and the chief officers are the one's who wanted passaris out of the way because she has refused to dance to their corrupt tunes? What does the PNU fear about this Esther Passaris? We have seen semi-illeterate mayors, most of them originating from Muranga, in the city since 1992 and their performance have been wanting. Actually most use the city hall as a spring baord to parliament.

Meanwhile city residents continue to pay tax to a corruption den that is city hall. Even getting a dust bin, which is included as a charge in your monthly water bill, is a dream!!!