Wednesday, February 27, 2008

kenyan Mediation at a stand still-Kalonzo factor

There is one kenyan politician that is causing the slow death to the on going Anan peace talk. Thank is VP- Kalonzo Msyoka. Let me explain.

Kalonzo is very key to PNU. His party gave the PNU numbers that they required and he was rewarded well for that. If you remove Kalonzo plus his ODM-K members, PNU is simply dead. The PNU negotiation group know well that if power is to be shared with ODM of Raila, their strength from ODM-K is gone and ODM through the captain Raila will take full advantage of that and frustrate them in Parliament.

What I am saying is that power sharing will kick out Kalonzo and his people. That indirectly will be a blow to PNU. Remember that currently Mutula Kilonzo is part of the PNU negotiating team. How can he on earth agree that power be shared without his party having a share?

The best way to get out of all these is first get the entire ODM-K off the way. PNU will be paralysed and they will give in to things that they currently dont think the can. That is easy to do. First sack Kalonzo Musyoka and replace Mutula Kilonzo with some one in PNU. Additionally all ODM-K holding ministerial position should be sacked. Then we will see if PNU is capable of forming a government and managing the parliament.

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