Saturday, November 8, 2014

"Pastor" Kanyari now qualifies to be a politician

"Pastor" Kanyari son of "Pastor" Nduta (like mother like son) now qualifies to be a politician. Thanks to Jicho Pevu we now know about his Panda Mbegu business in Church. He has all the characteristics of a politicians its just that he was practicing them in the wrong organization. He should now take his skills to politics and drop the clergy title which does not suite him


Ann Ann said...

What you did not see that and not read only in our modern society. I sometimes just starts to shake with anger and bewilderment, and most of all I do not like that most of these objects is proud of his business - I hope that this will soon come to an end.

Jamii said...

His end may come then others will come up with the same in the name of religion, its end times, very unfortunate.