Monday, December 5, 2011

Many strikes in Kenya now

It is one strike after the other, teachers strike, lecturers strike, Medical staff strike and now Doctors strike all over the Country, there could be others I may have forgotten. Such strikes are helpful to push the Government to fulfill their promise, even after giving warnings of strike the Government does not do anything about the warnings until they take place. However some strikes notices should not be ignored; medical staff and Doctors strike is a very serious issue.

Doctors working in Government institutions all over the country are on strike now, this is a very serious and grave issue because many patients will not get the required services of a Doctor and already a patient has died at a Coast hospital. This is according to daytime news and if this continues how many more patients will succumb to their ailment.

The Government should hold an urgent meeting with the Doctors’ Union leaders to solve this problem as a matter of urgency. However I sometimes wonder why the Government does not allocate enough funds for the Ministry of Health despite the many complaints about the poor state of Government Health facilities Country wide. Patients complain of pathetic situations and medical staff as well complaining of the same situation and poor remuneration.

It’s like the State does not care about the well being of its citizens.

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