Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Political intolerance

It was very bad for a group of people to attack former Rariada MP Raphael Tuju in Kisumu. The worst is that Kisumu is like his home too just like the people who attacked him. All Kenyans regardless of their political stand and tribe should be allowed to go to anywhere in Country and preach their political gospel. Therefore it is up to Members of Parliament to talk to their constituents and supporters to have political tolerance and allow other politicians from other areas and parties to address them; thereafter they can make their own decision when elections come.

Since the group that attacked Tuju invoked the name of the PM Raila Odinga, it was prudent of the PM to call on his supporters to have political tolerance but as usual the issue has been picked up by the PM’s opponents and is being politicized. They say it is the PM who called on his supporters to stone Tuju, but what if it was the other way round? There is a possibility that opponents of the PM called on the former MP for Rarieda to go to Kisumu knowing very well that political fanatics who support the PM will react? Then they get another chance to ill repute the PM because they are suffering from acute Raila phobia.

Our politicians should talk of important issues that can help citizens like now there is some good rain in the Country that is a blessing after the severe drought. They can advice their constituents on farming, water storage etc instead of childish politics.

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