Friday, September 18, 2009

The dying animals vs the hungry Kenyans

Did you see what I saw? The government of Kenya has been buying malnourished cows from the farmers from drought stricken parts of the country to save farmers from losses and allow them to restock once the rains come. Each cow goes for Kshs.8,000/=I good idea though. But before purchased animals could be slaughtered, a good number of them die and the carcass buried. This concedes with the hunger that is wide spread in the country to the point that people are feeding themselves on wild fruits,rats,insects etc. Why can`t these cows be slaughtered immediately and the meet taken to the areas affected by food shortage? This to me looks like a corruption avenue whereby the government officers handling the transactions with the farmers fake the number of animals bought and claim that some have died and buried. Who is reconciling the records of the purchased number, cash paid, the dead and buried with the numbers that eventually reach the slaughter houses.
The second problem is on what quality of meet is in our markets. That I would not like to anticipate but there are high chances that things are not right.

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Cee said...

Everyone for himself God for us all. if u start wondering what kind of meat is in the market, u might as well go vegetarian....remember the time they were selling camel meat...u never know what u r eating when u r in Kenya, u just need to say the Grace before every